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Sunday, 7-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
been a while huh?

figure i should make a lame attempt to update, if only superficially (and to see who notices?!?)
watching: my housemate dance (80s/stripper style in the kitchen)
reading: 2150ad by T. Alexander and 'Gravity's Rainbow' by T. Pynchon
listening to: 'Fleetwood Mac', 'The Killers' and local indi rock
wearing: still my Tsubis but also white singlets and fisherman's pants
drinking: Champagne (sparkeling white), Kilkenny and Carlton Draught
studying: for my exams - economics, finance, history of the arts and marketing
avoiding: spending money
excited about: Japan, an Australian summer in Perth, no guilt about homework

will make an effort to write something worthwhile soon... miss you all.

Monday, 23-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
like a japanese cowboy...

you can tell i'm bored by the timeing of my update...
but i still don't really have anything to say so how about a snapshot?

watching: student theatre, sunday arvo on abc, anything on the tv at the gym
reading: 'the big questions: a short introduction to philosophy', james joyce
listening to: institut polaire demo tracks, morvern caller soundtrack (still)
wearing: my tsubis (yes i have washed them, once)
drinking: orange cordial, kilkenny
studying: gothic architecture
avoiding: fat, carbohydrates, sugar, alcohol, economics, marketing
excited about: cheesecake, itallian sausage on pizza, kilkenny

i am so boring.

i miss my mates (but am going well at uni... what does that tell ya'll?!?)

Friday, 13-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
two months on and still no change!!

copyright Christopher Hickey 2004
jesus... it's been a while, hey?
well. not much to say really, except that i am going to tokyo for christmas and i'm moving house (why should chris and andrew have all the fun )...
working at sotheby's is still fabulous and diva is ok too.
i really don't have much else to say.
i have been going to the gym...?
ok. i'm going to stop now.

here is a photo chris took of me (chris, i hope you don't mind me using it but it is pretty much the nicest piccy i have ever seen of myself) and it gives you kids something to remember me by.

i miss all of you very very much.

Friday, 11-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

ok... some cheesy snaps?
Firstly, from left to right is...Chris (munki boy), Mum, Andrew and Chris (brother) This was me leaving Spencer St Station on the way to Alice Springs (via Adelaide)
The second one is a 'river' on the way from Adelaide to Alice, fully outback mate.(only place where they have 'boat races' by running from one end of a muddy stretch of dirt to another with cardboard wraped around your waist!)
The final one is the first of many sunset photos (romantic sap aren't I?!?)
This one, again, is on the way from Adelaide to Alice.
Pretty huh?!?
Gotta go, cause I'm on the way to getting drunk... YAY for finance bloody exams...

Thursday, 10-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

ok. so it's been a little longer than i expected... but, hey... life gets in the way.
i have a finance exam tomorrow and i can honestly say that i have not worked as hard as i have done for the past week in my entire life. i guess it's kinda up to fate now.
i've done my bit.

i find it difficult to believe that i will be back in melbourne next saturday night.
it will be strange to be able to do all the things i miss so much and spend time with my bestest buddies in the whole world (except for you, marcus, but there's not much we can do about that!).

i am getting a scooter on wednesday so i will aim to get some photos up, finally.

i'm tired but wired and anxious but excited.

in fact that seems to sum up how things are over here... topsy turvy.

it would be great to hear from you guys over the next week. i know i'm pretty crap at keeping in touch but it's mostly because i don't feel like i have much to say.
i still think about you lots though (yes, all four of you!)

wish me luck!

hang on, here's a pic for you. i have started marking my territory..
that's right! after doing a presentation on street art (posters, stencils, stickers) i felt the need to leave a bit of me in perth... it's a albino zeebra!

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